Md. Atiqul Islam

Mayor of Dhaka North, Bangladesh Leadership City

Md. Atiqul Islam, a name synonymous with leadership, dedication, honesty, and generosity was born in 1961, in Comilla. The youngest member of a large family, his upbringing was progressive and culturally diverse. He has always attributed his life’s success as a blessing from his late father, a high-ranking Police Officer Momtaz Uddin Ahmed and mother Mazeda Khatun. After completing his university graduation, he entered the business world in 1985 and with his older brother established the eminence of Islam Garments, where 19,000 people are currently employed. From 1990, he has served BGMEA in different capacities from 1990, during which he abolished child labor, promoted gender equity, established hospitals, managed Rana Plaza incident with aplomb, and promoted “Made In Bangladesh With Pride” to the World. Committed to transforming lives and bringing order to the chaos of rapid industrialization, he soon joined the political foray. A humble man with dreams only for his nation, he was elected as the Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation on 28th February 2019 and is well on his way to creating a lasting legacy of unparalleled service to this great city.


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