Participatory Governance

Learn how the Mayors Migration Council is helping local governments build practical partnerships with migrant- and refugee-led organizations.

Building practical partnerships with migrant- and refugee-led organizations

The MMC has taken every opportunity to elevate and nurture equal partnerships between mayors and the migrant and refugee leaders of their cities.

For example, the MMC requires all Global Cities Fund for Migrants and Refugees (GCF)’s city grantees to ensure that migrant and refugee communities are involved in the design of their projects and partner with migrant and refugee-led organizations (RLOs) to help implement them. 

To showcase these partnerships on a global stage, our Leadership Board mayors from Bristol and Kampala were joined by the leaders of their respective RLO partners at a City + Refugees Collaboration session on the margins of the UN High Commissioner’s Dialogue on Protection Challenges. 

Together, they demonstrated the impact of local partnerships between cities and refugees and called for more resources to local actors as they work together to deliver on global goals.


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