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MMC Readout: San Antonio’s Leadership on Migration 

In May 2024, the Mayors Migration Council team visited Leadership Board Mayor Ron Nirenberg in San Antonio, Texas. While there, the MMC team led a conversation on migration during the Sister Cities International All Americas Summit, which brought together city…

Mayors Migration Council 2023 Impact Report

In 2023, we engaged mayors from nearly 100 cities worldwide, bringing our movement to over 250 cities globally. Our coalition has not only secured greater access to diplomatic processes like the UN Global Refugee Forum, but also influenced global and national…

Celebrating Marvin Rees’ Legacy at the Mayors Migration Council 

As Marvin Rees concludes his final term as Mayor of Bristol, we reflect on his important contributions and achievements as a founding member of the Mayors Migration Council’s Leadership Board from 2018-2024. 

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Insights from the World Migration Report 2024: The Importance of City Leadership in Migration Management

This week, the UN’s International Organization for Migration released its World Migration Report 2024, which provides comprehensive data and insights into global migration trends to help readers understand current and changing migration dynamics around the world.

Also Migrating From Latin America: A Wave of Urban Innovation

This Bloomberg article explores how for US cities, grassroots solutions from metros south of the border can be more useful than better-known urban practices from Europe.

Devex and Mayors Migration Council Launch New Partnership to Showcase Local Solutions to Major Global Development Challenges

The Mayors Migration Council (MMC) is proud to announce its collaboration with Devex in a new partnership called Roots of Change.

NYC Migrants Are Being Welcomed by Kansas City’s Mayor to Fill Jobs

Mayor Quinton Lucas seeks to attract those who have newly arrived in the US to fill jobs in the expanding region.

Inclusive urban solutions: city actors engaging with displaced communities

This brief first appeared on the iied website. MMC engages in content partnerships with several organizations, and cross-posting does not indicate an endorsement or agreement. Most of the world’s displaced people live in cities, yet there is little evidence on how…

2023 Year in Review

Learn about the Mayors Migration Council’s impact in 2023 and plans for the year ahead.


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