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Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto Joins 59 Cities Worldwide Ready To ‘Immediately’ Welcome Afghan Refugees

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Mayor Bill Peduto says Pittsburgh is one of nearly 60 cities across the world ready to “immediately” welcome Afghan refugees.

Peduto tweeted Friday that the city is joining others in supporting the Mayors Migration Council “in an effort to establish subnational solutions.”

Across the state, Philadelphia International Airport will be the second passenger airport in the nation to welcome refugee arrivals as a part of the rescue operation in Kabul.

Gov. Tom Wolf reiterated the state’s intention to support refugees and the federal government’s mission “in any way possible” on Friday.

“Pennsylvania was founded on the ideals of peace, tolerance, and safety for all people. It is incumbent on us to model the ideals on which Pennsylvania was founded and be a welcoming home for any who seek safe refuge in the United States. Therefore, Pennsylvania stands ready to continue serving as a resource and a safe, welcoming home for those who seek refuge in the United States,” Wolf said in a news release.

It comes after 13 American service members and scores of Afghans were killed in a suicide bombing claimed by the ISIS faction in Kabul. An Afghan health ministry official told CBS News that the death toll had reached at least 170.


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