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Yousef Al Shawarbeh Mayor of Amman (Jordan), Ron Nirenberg Mayor of San Antonio (United States), Representative of State of Baja California (Mexico), Vittoria Zanuso Executive Director of the Mayors Migration Council, and Edwards Infante Lopes Mayor of Carmen de la Legua (Peru) at the 2023 UN Global Refugee Forum.

Each quarter, our newsletter provides exciting updates about the MMC, shines light on local leaders who are making a difference, and includes useful resources for cities and partners.

Newsletter Snippets:
  • Issue #7: “At the 14th GFMD Summit hosted by the French Government, 28 city officials joined national leaders to discuss migration governance, ask the international community to invest in cities, and deliver 120+ city pledges to IOM Director General Amy Pope.
  • Issue #6: C40-MMC Global Task Force on Climate and Migration mayors joined COP28 in Dubai, UAE, where they launched the first-ever report on urban loss and damage, including migration and displacement. Mayors called for urgent investment in cities to respond, including the landmark new UN loss and damage fund.”
  • Issue #5: “During the 2023 UNGA, MMC mayors and donors discussed new frontiers to localize funding for migrants and refugees. Together, they set a vision for the Global Cities Fund for Migrants and Refugees to reach US $50 million to drive momentum and transformative change through multi-year, more predictable funding rounds.”

Every quarter, we spotlight local leadership in action:

In a conversation with Devex, Mayor Albano Carige of Beira, Mozambique, discusses how climate migration is affecting African cities, the pressing need for donors to increase direct investment to local governments, and the positive impacts the MMC’s Global Cities Fund for Migrants and Refugees has had in Beira; featured in Issue #7.

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