Estefania Ramirez

Program Associate

Estefania Ramirez is a passionate human rights advocate dedicated to fostering positive change on a global scale. As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, she grew up in a predominantly Latine community in Lamont, California. With a diverse array of experiences spanning local, national, and international spheres, Estefania brings expertise in community outreach, policy analysis, strategic writing, and research.

Prior to working with the Mayors Migration Council, Estefania worked with the United States Department of State in Chennai, India and Washington, D.C. where she coordinated diplomatic events and crafted policy initiatives that resonated with her commitment to upholding human rights through international cooperation.

Estefania’s dedication to serving immigrant communities is evident in her work with institutions such as Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office of Immigrant Affairs in Los Angeles, where she promoted the holistic well-being of immigrant populations. Additionally, her work at the New York City Commission on Human Rights showcased her commitment to combating discrimination and advancing equity in a city with one of the most comprehensive civil rights laws in the nation. Furthermore, Estefania spearheaded a survey project in San Francisco with Trabajadores Unidos Workers United, shedding light on the exploitation low-wage Latine workers endured during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Estefania holds a BA in International Relations and an MA in Latin American Studies from Stanford University. Her graduate capstone delved into how transformative reparations serve as an avenue to move beyond surface-level solutions and address structural causes of vulnerability to uphold human rights for marginalized populations.


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