Pandemic Response Report

The Global Cities Fund for Inclusive Pandemic Response Project Prospectus

Purpose of the Prospectus

The Global Cities Fund Project Prospectus presents a summary of priority projects for an inclusive pandemic response and recovery submitted by 20 city governments from around the world. These project proposals put forward compelling ideas that are ready for the investment of donors and the partnership of humanitarian and development practitioners active within these cities.

Prospectus Cities

The Prospectus Cities demonstrate mayoral commitment and city government leadership on issues of migration and displacement, technical excellence in delivering inclusive services, and a high likelihood of success in achieving both short-term impact and long-term institutionalization of inclusive plans, policies, and programs.

The MMC is mandated to serve all cities willing to provide for their migrant and displaced communities and committed to keep curating and expanding a project pipeline for the Global Cities Fund. For more information, please contact


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