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Podcast: Climactic Candid | Cities, Climate and Migration – with Kate Brick, MMC and Toby Kent, Melbourne’s first Chief Resilience Officer

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The International Organization for Migration estimates that between 25 million and 1 billion people will move as a result of climate change within the next 30 years.

Toby Kent, the City of Melbourne’s first Chief Resilience Officer, joins Mark Spencer to talk to the Deputy Executive Director of the Mayors Migration Council to talk migration, urbanisation, climate change, and the collision of these factors. 

Kate is an immigration policy expert with over a decade of experience working on international, national, state, and local policymaking and advocacy.

Toby Kent is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, and business advisor. His work focuses on helping organisations thrive in the face of challenge. He is a board member of the  Business Council for Sustainable Development Australia and for over five years was metropolitan Melbourne’s Chief Resilience Officer.

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And, for a migration crisis right on the doorstep of Australia, happening to Australian citizens, please take part in this campaign to call on the Australian Federal Government to act on climate change with the urgency required – as we see the Torres Strait Islands being inundated by rising seas. – Sign the petition, watch the video, share it with a friend.

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