Global Forum for Migration and Development

Learn how the Mayors Migration Council is mainstreaming city access at the Global Forum for Migration and Development.


In 2018, the MMC launched the Mayors Mechanism of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) with the UN Agency on Migration (IOM) and the largest global city network, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). 

The Mayors Mechanism creates a formal access point for cities to the GFMD, an annual process where national governments debate frontline migration challenges.

Our Progress

In 2020, the Mayors Mechanism brought 80 representatives from over 50 cities to the 12th GFMD, hosted by the Government of Ecuador, marking the first time cities had substantial access to a State-led process on migration. 

In 2021, we fully mainstreamed cities into the 13th GFMD, hosted by the Government of the UAE, bringing more than 90 city representatives to a multi-day virtual summit and securing cities’ speaking roles in 50 percent of the sessions. 

As a result, cities influenced the agenda of the 14th GFMD, hosted by the Government of France in 2024, making sure city priorities like access to healthcare regardless of migration status, climate migration, and multilevel governance are up for discussion and innovation. 

Given the Mayors Mechanism’s success, the MMC, UCLG, and IOM agreed to scale this collaborative approach to the UN reviews of the Global Compacts.


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